Rotary Youth Program of ENrichment
RYPEN course usually takes place at two venues in our District
Adekate Lodge near Creswick Vic. and Noorla Yo Long, Rendelsham via Millicent SA.
There will be no camp at Noorla Yo Long in 2019
For Adekate Lodge the dates are Friday 12th April to Sunday 14th April 2019.

Please ensure all forms are returned by March 22nd 2019.

Student FAQ

Who teaches the course?

The course is taught by qualified instructors. Rotarians (male and female) are also present during the course to help the students if needed.

Where is RYPEN held?

RYPEN is held in two camps, one at Adekate Lodge in Dean , Vic and the other at Noorla Yo Long Camp, Rendelsham, SA and the District Committee will decide which students attend each camp.

How much does it cost?

Usually the Rotary club only asks for a contribution towards the costs and then the club pays the rest of the fee. The contribution can be around $50.

Where do I stay?

You either stay on site at the camp or at a nearby camp. Accommodation and meals are included.

By participating at a RYPEN course you agree to the following:

  • attend breakfast and be on time
  • attend all sessions
  • treat others with respect
  • follow all reasonable direction from the program director
  • abstain from alcohol, cigarettes or drugs during the period of the seminar
  • abstain from entering out of bounds areas (rooms of the opposite sex, leaders rooms, off limits areas)
  • not put myself or any other person at risk of harm
  • leave mobile phones at home (or hand them in to the co-ordinators at the camp)
  • not to leave the camp or activity associated with the program without the consent and knowledge of the program director
  • act responsibly and abide by the program rules

If you’ve not been approached by your local Rotary club to go on this course, but you fit the criteria then contact your local Rotary Club in our District and put yourself forward. They’ll guide you through the process.

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