Rotary Youth Program of ENrichment
RYPEN course usually takes place at two venues in our District
Adekate Lodge near Creswick Vic. and Noorla Yo Long, Rendelsham via Millicent SA.
There will be no camp at Noorla Yo Long in 2019
For Adekate Lodge the dates are Friday 12th April to Sunday 14th April 2019.

Please ensure all forms are returned by March 22nd 2019.

Club form

Rotary clubs can enter the details of their RYPEN applicants in the fields below.
Please note that before entering these details you must have the email address of the applicant since they will be sent an email with their participant application form shortly.

I understand that –
1.    This is an Application Form only and by returning this form it does not automatically imply that my applicants will be attending the RYPEN D9780 camps.
2.    The age groups for the two camps are – Adekate 15 – 17 year olds and  Noorla Yo-Long 14 – 17 year olds.
3.    Final decision as to which students will attend the Camps will be left up to the District RYPEN D9780 Committee/Camp Co-ordinators
4.    The cost of the camp is $250.00 per nomination. It is recommended that each participant is asked to contribute $50.00 to the cost of the camp as we feel students value their experience more if they have made a financial investment in the weekend.
5.   That all cheques will be made out to RYPEN D9780.
6.   It is my Club’s responsibility to get our students to the nominated drop off point.